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In July 28th, our company organized the staff to take part in the medical examination

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In order to ensure the health of employees, create a good working environment, and improve the examination welfare of employees, the company and the North Anhui general hospital medical center cooperation, in July 28th on the company staff conducted a comprehensive physical examination.

The project has the blood and urine routine, blood pressure, surgery, ultrasound, ECG, etc.. To participate in medical staff of nearly 70 people, the company has established a medical file for each employee, and timely feedback of medical information, supervise the health status of abnormal staff review as soon as possible treatment, to ensure that employees with good physical condition into work.

The examination is to let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of their physical condition, do not have to strengthen the prevention of disease, disease early detection and early treatment, to provide protection for the health of employees, and to care for staff work carried out. Physical examination staff also learned more health care methods and knowledge, and more felt the company's care and love.

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