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In December 22nd, Yang Jun, acting mayor of Suzhou City, accompanied by Dr. Wang Shaonong, a leader of the relevant departments, as well as the company's R & D department, looked at the progress of the project and its three year plan

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On December 22nd, Yang Jun, the acting mayor of Suzhou accompanied by the relevant departments as well as the company's leadership, and Dr Wang Shaonong in research and development department, viewed the progress of Yiling Pharmaceutical promotion of the project and three year plan.

After listening to the reports of person in charge of the relevant departments of enterprises and the departments directly under the county, Mayor Yang fully affirmed the project construction and promotion of Yiling Pharmaceutical, Anhui Province. And pointed out that Yiling pharmaceutical project was both high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries. Yilingshould conscientiously implement the spirit of the Yiling Pharmaceutical Conference in Anhui to promote project construction, and attaches great importance to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, acting quickly to do everything possible to promote the project services and protection.

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