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Good news! Dr. returnees the company in Suzhou City, the first entrepreneurship contest won first prize

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Passionate entrepreneur ,realized in Suzhou .In December 25th, lasted a month of the first session of the Suzhou entrepreneurship competition ushered in the ending of the war in Suzhou, Doubletree by Hilton 2 floor multi-functional hall, after preliminary selection, 16 players on her way to the final stage.

"New special drug research and development, production, indoor air purification, cloud coffee, passenger space, suburban agriculture, leisure and sightseeing, straw comprehensive utilization and recycling industry, handicraft globes, rural grain loading machinery."......" And on the day, the contestants in 8 minutes, according to the enterprise VCR show, "my story", 3 entries PPT reporting process, through rigorous and comprehensive introduction to the speech of enterprise business model, product overview, development planning and other projects related to the traditional content. Crafts, Internet sales, processing of agricultural products R & D, clothing design, environmental services and other industries, many grassroots entrepreneurial projects with the local actual situation is very fit, for a lot of patents, with good market prospects. And after each contestant's speech is finished, the competition professional judge also carries on the pointed question according to the project content, and combines the project innovation, the market potential as well as the contestant's scene expression carries on the comprehensive score. After fierce competition for more than 3 hours, the 9 contestant returnees Dr. Gu Shihai brings project "research and development and production of" new drug raw materials is very outstanding, won first prize in the contest.

After the game, Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and Social Advisory Committee of experts Expert Committee Zhang Yi told reporters that the entrepreneurship competition was a great success, but also very characteristics, and collected a total of 85 projects, 54 projects have entered the semi-finals, 16 projects entered into today's finals, both professional and technical personnel, Dr. returnees entrepreneurial team, and the return of migrant workers, college-graduate village official college students, etc.. There are both traditional industry projects and new industry projects in the competition. Both new technology and patent technology have been developed, and profit models and marketing concepts have also been developed. The competition has shown the actual combat of this competition, and all the competitors have played out the level and displayed their elegant .


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