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Notice on insurance

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Departments and departments of the company:

In accordance with the relevant state policies and hotel regulations, in order to ensure that you can enjoy timely social insurance and other related benefits, please merge with the timely submission of the required personal data, in order to pay social insurance matters:

I. social insurance

1, the first payment of social insurance requirements are as follows:

1.1 categories of insurance (medical, pension, unemployment, work-related injury, childbirth)

1.1.1 new system: 1) copy of ID card;

2) a copy of the home page and the copy of my account;

3) fill in "social insurance personal information registration form", including my recent one inch bareheaded color certificate three.

1.1.2 transfer: 1) copy of ID card;

2) the original unit provides proof of attrition;

3) if you need to change the designated medical institutions, please re select.

Two, personal data submission time and responsibility:

Please apply for the business staff in October 2015 01 days before the relevant information submitted to my office, if the information is not timely submitted or incomplete information can not handle or delay caused by handling the payment formalities and submit for the employee, the company will not handle the payment business. The responsibility shall be borne by the employees themselves.

Three, special circumstances

Employees are unable or unwilling to apply for social insurance for personal reasons. Therefore, the responsibility for the failure to handle social insurance shall be borne by the employees themselves, and the company shall not be responsible for the return of the business.

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